2021 Sessions

The 2021 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference is all-virtual for 2021.

Each session consists of two parts: a Technical Session followed by a Fireside Chat. In the technical session, experts share their knowledge on industry topics, giving you an opportunity to stay up to speed on building trends and even receive Continuing Education credits. The Fireside Chat is your chance to "ask the experts” during an informal discussion around the technical session’s learnings.

Session One: March 24, 2021

Energy management through smarter neighborhoods

Experts from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) cover three ways in which communities can work together to provide more resilient, reliable homes through smart controls and advances in energy management.

In the Fireside Chat, ask Slipstream researchers and HVAC expert Rex Ambs (Geofurnace Heating and Cooling) about the future of home heating, from cold-climate heat pumps to decarbonization.

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Session Two: April 29, 2021

Offsite construction from the ground up

Jon Golz (Enercept) lays out what you need to know about offsite construction, including how panelized and modular practices fit in with current market conditions.

In the Fireside Chat, high-performance home expert, Sam Rashkin, Jon Golz, and Joe Pasma, of Enercept, join us as we discuss best practices for companies to optimize design and sales.  

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Session Three: May 26, 2021

Air-to-water heat pumps and hydronic systems

In this session, hydronics expert John Siegenthaler describes the breadth of currently available air-to-water heat pumps, including their performance characteristics. He then shows how to combine these heat pumps in both new and retrofit situations, sharing practical do’s and don’ts as well as several templates that can serve as starting points for optimal system design.

In the Fireside Chat, we continue the overview of air-to-water heat pumps with an interactive discussion of how to apply these technologies to meet our energy efficiency goals.  

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Session Four: August 10, 2021

Assessing and testing high efficiency residential boilers

Join us for an engaging discussion on how to maximize system efficiency of boiler systems, including strategies for more effective assessments and inspections. By learning what it takes to ensure proper assessment and installation, we can meet specifications while improving customer satisfaction and comfort.

We continue the overview of high-efficiency water boilers with an interactive discussion. Our panel experts will discuss the technology of today's systems and the challenges of installing, evaluating, and verifying high-efficiency boilers.

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Session Five: September 8, 2021

Achieving envelope airtightness goals with an aerosol sealant

In this session, we will be discussing aerosol sealants for sealing new and existing homes and apartments. Results with this technology can reduce home leakage by 70-80%. Experts Dave Bohac, Center for Energy and Environment, and Mike Lyon, AeroBarrier lead this discussion. 

In the Fireside chat, we welcome Robert Parkhurst, Slipstream, for a conversation on ASHRAE ventilation rates. 

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Session Six: October 7, 2021

High performance homes

Building a high performance home can lower your utility bills, increase energy efficiency, and create a healthier home with better indoor air quality. We welcome a panel of experts from the design and construction fields to discuss the benefits of high performance homes.

We continue the conversation in the Fireside chat with a live Q&A with the panel.

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