It isn’t just a new year, it’s a new decade. Is your New Year's Resolution to simply “keep up the good work”? Of course not — you want to know where the better building sector is headed, so you aren’t left behind as the HVAC and home performance industries continue to change and progress.

In the last webinar of 2019, Energy Circle founder and CEO Peter Troast shared his thoughts on where our industry is headed, from the rise of new services all the way to how contracting is evolving in a digital world. Here is your mega-resource for how to approach the HVAC, home performance, and better building trends of 2020, as we have seen this past year.

New Services, Technologies, and Markets

Where is there room for your business to grow this year? Are there new services you can provide, new markets to expand to, and new technologies to utilize and sell?

Heat Pumps

Energy rebates are a great perk for homeowners and make high-performance mechanical systems more accessible. That said, there is a lot of confusion on how to actually obtain them. An Energy Pulse™ report by the Shelton Group found that “only 20% of Americans knew their utility company offered rebates, cash incentives or low-interest loans for energy-efficient products.”

Here are three ways to acquaint yourself with your local energy-saving offerings: